5 reasons why you should move your print infrastructure to the cloud
EveryonePrint 28 Aug 2020

Move your print infrastructure to the cloud

More and more organizations are moving their IT services to the cloud because of the many advantages that can be derived from cloud services. Check out our five reasons why you should move your print infrastructure to the cloud

1 – Print is not your core business

Customer IT teams are burdened by print. Supporting print servers, print drivers, and print queues in-house diverts IT teams focus away from business enabling technology projects. Print is a commodity service and should be treated like one. Define the application performance requirements in terms of functionality and service availability, and then buy as a service.

2 – Enhanced capabilities for users

Your in-house solution likely has a number of limitations, owing to a lack of expertise, focus or understanding of the options available. 

Do users need to download new drivers to connect to printers, do they need IT support to connect to printers? Are your end-users consistently, i.e. at all business locations, use secure print, mobile print, guest print? 

3 – Improved security

Are you always on top of the updates and patches (operating system, drivers, device firmware etc.) required to maintain a secure print infrastructure? Can you instantly control access, through user authentication, and limiting permissions? Where does securing print infrastructure rate in your security priorities? Why are you maintaining ownership of this task in-house?

Print hardware manufacturers have been pushing end-point security for years, but the underlying application infrastructure is just as important. Customers should ask themselves, should print be a trusted application within my network? Is it better to move it to the cloud and consume as a service?

4 – Cost reduction

Maintaining print servers, costs organizations c$4,000 per year. Our customers tell us that administering print infrastructure on top of this traditional server platform, costs $100s of per printer. Performing these tasks over and over, site by site on a legacy infrastructure is inefficient and therefore expensive. Consuming print as a service can drive significant savings within the first year of implementation.

5 – Greater agility

Even more than savings, you can drive business agility with a cloud-based print infrastructure. Opening a new office? Set-up your print infrastructure in minutes.

Moving, adding or changing printers? Update end-users instantly. Migrating your identify management (AD or similar) to the cloud? Integrate print in seconds. Our feature set allows all of these things, as standard, and many more beyond. We’ve got a complete set of platform APIs, enabling simply, even further system integrations.


Move your print infrastructure to the cloud with Hybrid Cloud Platform

EveryonePrint’s Hybrid Cloud Platform is a cloud printing platform that can align to business objectives of reducing print costs, improving user experience, IT objectives of improving security and modernizing platform architecture. 

Hybrid Cloud Platform is a fully scalable subscription-based solution meaning customers from SMEs to global enterprises simply pay for the licenses they need. By utilizing cloud technology, organizations can reduce the cost and complexity associated with a traditional print environment. By eliminating print servers, Windows server licenses and the requirement to run clients on workstations, customers will benefit from significantly lower printing costs.

Book a free trial here to learn or a demo here to learn about how Hybrid Cloud Platform can take your print infrastructure to the cloud!

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