Is Your Print Infrastructure Ready for GDPR?
EveryonePrint 09 Jun 2021

How to solve GDPR for your Print Infrastructure?

Print Management solutions and multifunction printers (MFPs) are important parts of your business and should be subjected to your information security measures. These devices store and process data and have the same security vulnerabilities as any other networked endpoint. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) motivates an organization to find, implement and revise effective security measures in response to the rapidly changing threat landscape. Today’s smart MFPs have evolved into sophisticated document processing hubs that in addition to print, scan and copy, enable the capture, routing and storage of information.

As simple as a forgotten document…

GDPR issues related to an organization’s print infrastructure is not intended to be restricted to only high-level network and security matters. A simple document containing personal data, directly printed and forgotten on the print tray, can cause serious violations of the general data protection regulation. With the introduction of the GDPR, direct printing has become a dangerous flexibility, which can be difficult to manage. Organizations needs to restrict the entire print infrastructure by offering end-users solutions like secure Follow-Me or Pull Print features.

Understand GDPR and Print Management

EveryonePrint have designed the Hybrid Cloud Platform to provide tools and features that enables enterprises to configure a secure print environment, which ensures GDPR compliance.

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