Secure Pull Printing with Hybrid Cloud Platform
EveryonePrint 26 Nov 2020

EveryonePrint is known for its mobile printing products and is making waves with its new cloud-based printing platform, called Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP). When I am out in the field, I am always surprised that people don’t realize that our solutions, include Secure pull printing.

Secure pull printing allows users to submit print jobs from their computer, mobile or tablet that get held in a secure queue. When the user is ready to retrieve their print, they can release it at the printer of their choosing. A part of this process is for the user to authenticate themselves at the printer, so they only have access to their print jobs. With security being top of mind for many companies, this type of functionality is in high demand. Often, when I am engaged with a sales rep, I find that they tend to position high cost, server-based print management solutions to supply this functionality. People are always surprised when I explain that Hybrid Cloud Platform includes this functionality, but also provides other significant cost saving opportunities for customers.

Utilizing cloud technology, organizations can reduce the cost and complexity associated with a traditional print environment. By eliminating print servers, windows server licenses and the requirement to run clients on workstations, customers will benefit from significantly lower printing costs. Our platform works with multiple authentication options, as well as cloud-based authentication providers not typically supported by on-premise competitors.

Hybrid Cloud Platform is device agnostic, which from a customer point of view ensures the longevity of their investment.

What does secure pull printing achieve?

Decrease your office waste

Secure pull printing is a crucial component for any platform that helps organizations manage their printing infrastructure and costs. It’s estimated that around 20% of all print jobs are never picked up from the printer. Just remember all those times you walked through your office and saw the unattended paper in the output trays of your copiers!

Enhance security

Apart from being wasteful, there may very well be confidential information contained in those documents. Confidential information you are required to protect, and if found at fault could result in massive fines. This security risk is contained with secure pull printing.


What does HCP allow that typical secure pull printing doesn’t?

HCP enables more users to print securely

Using a cloud solution for print infrastructure allows customers to deploy secure pull printing to all parts of their organization. Customers with highly distributed environments, like retail, often only deploy secure pull printing at HQ due to the on-premise solutions requirements. HCP solves this problem, securing more users.

HCP enables users to have a single print queue

HCP’s managed print driver helps further simplify IT infrastructure. Instead of IT having to manage different print queues on different print servers for the multiple brands in your fleet, our managed print driver enables a single standardized print queue that even includes complex print job attributes across a multi-vendor fleet.

Print Savings typically pays for the Hybrid Cloud Platform over the course of an investment, when wider print infrastructure savings are factored, the return on investment can be achieved in a matter of months!

Let us help you ensure that your print data is fully secured, contact us for more information.

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