Keep company data safe with secure pull printing
Rashid Maknin 26 Nov 2020

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about cloud printing before. And, even if you’re an IT whiz who knows the ins and outs of the business, we can’t blame you if you have your concerns. For one thing, you might be thinking, how could that possibly be safe? Sensitive documents floating around in a cloud-based server just seems like a recipe for disaster.

While it’s responsible (and admirable!) to have these concerns, we’re here to tell you that they’re unnecessary. And one of the reasons why they’re unnecessary has to do with something called secure pull printing.

What is secure pull printing?

Cloud printing allows print jobs to be submitted from anywhere, including a tablet, computer, or mobile app. But, with pull printing, each job is held in a secure queue until a final print command is delivered. That means that documents aren’t printed when the user initially sends them to the line—they’re printed when the user releases them.

This allows users to head to the printer of their choice when they’re ready to retrieve their print job. For added security, you can require that your employees authenticate their identity while at the printing station through the use of a card reader.

Users are also required to prove their identity at the printer, so only they can access their print jobs. These factors ensure that every printer document only ends up in the hands of the person for whom it’s intended.

Secure printing: not only possible through traditional means

Security is at the top of mind for many companies. Even if your company does not deal with top-secret information, every company deals with sensitive information that is best kept to a minimal audience, such as employees’ personal information.

Security is so crucial to many companies that they will go out of their way to latch on to traditional printing infrastructure and print servers, thinking that their sensitive data is better protected this way. However, this distrust of cloud print services costs companies big money, not to mention unnecessary labour.

The Hybrid Cloud Platform is an all-purpose printing solution

EveryonePrint’s Hybrid Cloud Platform(HCP) provides both the security of traditional server-based printing and the convenience of cloud-based printing.

We’ve talked before about how cloud technology reduces the cost and complexity of a traditional print environment. Companies benefit from significantly lower printing costs by cutting out the need for print servers and licenses as well as the requirement to run clients on workstations.

If a secure print solution is what you’re after, EveryonePrint’s HCP solution can provide you with peace of mind. Our platform works with different authentication options and cloud-based authentication providers that are not typically provided by on-premise alternatives.

Plus, HCP can work with a variety of devices and can be easily scaled up or down to fluctuate with your business needs. While services like Google Cloud Print popularised cloud printing, this service is no longer supported, leaving customers without an easy-to-use cloud-based printing technology.

Enjoy a secure pull printing feature and more

One of the many benefits of HCP is that it will allow you to enjoy easy-to-use pull printing solutions. As mentioned before, this will help you ensure a high degree of print security, but did you know that it also helps your office do its part for the environment?

By reducing the margin for printing errors, you save paper from the inevitable trip to the recycling bin. Did you know that the average UK office employee goes through around 10,000 sheets of paper every year, with more than three-quarters of this ending up as waste?

HCP brings secure, selective printing to more environments than ever below. No longer just possible in on-site HQ headquarters, an intuitive HCP means that print cloud services can be adapted to unconventional environments like retail stores or warehouses.

Simple IT infrastructure creates happy teams

HCP from EveryonePrint offers a cloud printing solution that is as easy to use as it is to deploy.

Instead of IT managing different print queues on other print servers for the multiple brands that your team uses, our controlled print driver enables a single standardized print queue that can handle complex print job attributes across a multi-vendor fleet.

It’s no wonder we’ve helped other businesses cut costs and streamline processes. The right printing management solution can revolutionize the way that your business handles print.

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