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Spending too much time installing printers on numerous devices, updating multiple print drivers and managing print queues? Hybrid Cloud Platform’s powerful full featured driver simplifies printer management.


Managing printers can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be

Enter the cloud with HCP and manage multiple print devices, domains and networks, with one driver.

Under pressure?

Managing printers can be a pain for IT – from installing devices, helping end-users to connect to printers, ongoing troubleshooting, or managing updates for multiple print drivers across the organization.

Managing multiple devices the easy way

HCP has taken the pain out of print driver management, eliminating the legacy model of one printer, one driver. Now you can manage multiple printer devices via one full featured single driver – meaning less time for IT and less hassle for end-users.


HCP’s fill featured print driver includes full finishing options for all major manufacturers, making it possible for everyone to print to any device. There’s no need to download individual print drivers for every device on the network and no need to manage multiple print drivers.

Print from anywhere

Eliminate common end-user issues around connecting to a printer, installing print drivers or accessing printers from multiple locations. With HCP it’s possible to deploy the full featured driver across multiple domains, meaning end-users can connect to any device, irrespective of their network or location.

Easy to use

Deploy and control the entire printing infrastructure from a single web-based interface. HCP enables immediate end-user fulfilment/device provisioning, removes complexity, reduces the pressure on IT, and lowers support costs.

Location aware printers

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