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Cloud printing provides unparalleled opportunities to mitigate risk

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Cloud providers focus more on security
than most enterprises will ever be able to
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Level of security in cloud print services

Security models need to change

Report their security team is understaffed 1
Are confident that their print infrastructure is fully protected 2
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How do you plan for cloud print security?

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Securing Users

Cloud is transforming business and disrupting traditional security models. All around you, IT is modernising in every area, but print is lagging behind. If you’re still wasting time manually dealing with printers, permissions and print servers, you could leverage best-in-class security features in the cloud to eliminate time-intensive tasks, automatically update users and devices, connect your Cloud AD, and more.

Protecting data

Domains and networks are more complex than ever, and it’s not enough to simply rely on your firewall to keep data secure. You might want to explore new ways to align print with wider IT policies such as authentication, authorisation, role-based access control, data storage, and encryption. If you’re building a roadmap for implementing Zero Trust, find out how cloud-based print works in a Zero Trust environment.

Process compliance

Compliance with data protection regulations isn’t just a regulatory requirement, it can also impact your customers’ perception and brand loyalty. You might think you’ve got it covered, but the goalposts are constantly moving. Our solutions are regularly updated and enable an always secure print infrastructure environment, GDPR compliance, and ongoing protection across confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems and your data.
Fundamentally secure

Security of our cloud printing app

Our application has been built from the ground up to ensure the highest possible data security compliance. The platform is designed against OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) best practices and principles and is fundamentally secure.

ISO 27001 accreditation provides independent assurance that systems are designed with cloud-first security principles and that robust processes are in place to build resilience and help avoid potential data security issues.

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