Serverless Printing: Control your organisations’ Print from the Cloud

You want the simplicity of direct IP printing, the control of having a print server, and the flexibility of the cloud – we’ve got you covered.

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Simple for your users

Enable your users to print from anywhere in your organisation, to any printer in your organisation.  Most users won’t notice that anything has changed, but they’ll have more services available, fewer interruptions and they’ll never need to talk to IT about print.

Control for your administrators

Centralize everything print related.  One admin console to; control your users, control your print queues, reduce admin, reduce helpdesk calls.  Reduced administration; no print drivers, no updates or patching, no single points of failure.

Flexible technology for both IT and finance

Delivered as a service, you can pay as you go, scale the platform up and down as you need to.  No need for capacity planning, or any of the hardware and licensing costs typically associated with a windows print server.

Get started right away?

If you just want to get started – simply click on ‘Build my trial’ and we’ll build you a trial account.

You’ll get an account with full system access built in our production environment.  You’ll have 30 days access, where you can connect up to 10 devices, with no limits on users or print queues. 

We think this is enough for most customers to build an understanding of how HCP can help but if you have specific questions read on – and book time with one of our team.


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Serverless Printing with Hybrid Cloud Platform
Control your organisations’ Print from the Cloud. Get the simplicity of direct IP printing, the control of having a print server, and the flexibility of the cloud with HCP.

Hybrid Cloud Platform: Modernizing print infrastructure

Print Platform

Migrate an existing on-premise print environment to a cloud-based service. Reduce the cost and complexity and remove reliance on print servers


  • Eliminate Print Servers
  • One Solution, Hosted Anywhere
  • Multi-tenant Architecture

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User Experience

Highly-available print platform reduces downtime, offers more services for more users; practically eliminating end-user frustration 


  • Self Service Set-Up
  • Global Pull Print queue
  • Mobile & Guest Printing

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Increase your print infrastructure security and reduce the operational costs associated with maintaining security and compliance


  • Supports Zero Trust
  • End-end Encryption
  • Central Policy Management 

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